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Hello, I'm Angie Liu, a full-stack user experience and user interface designer with backgrounds in visual and information design. I apply my skills in information organization, visual impact, and research to create compelling user experiences. Currently, I hold the position of Senior UX Designer at Blizzard Entertainment, where I craft intuitive, elegant, and meaningful user-centered designs.

My expertise lies in user experience, user interface, and interactive design for digital devices, app design, and game design. I wield tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Figma. Additionally, I have experience in Game UI design, having worked with prominent companies like NetEase.

Some of my passions include user-centric design, game design, product design, animation, and globetrotting. If any of this resonates with you, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

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Reading Application

2022 3-9


Figma; After Effect; Illustrator


Anqi Liu: Art Director; UI/UX Desginer
Richan Li: Animator; Illustrator

Inspired by

Jinjiang Reading Application; Kindle and Himalaya audio


**2023 MUSE Creative Awards, App - Education, Gold Winner

2023 Vega Digital Awards, Apps & Software, Gold Winner

2023 Creativepool Annual, Application Individuals, Silver Winner & People’s Choice Winner

2023 A’ Design Award & Competition, A’ Mobile Technologies, Application and Software Design Award, Iron A’ Design Award

2023 UX Design Awards, Nominated Concept

2023 Golden Pin Concept Design Award, Communication Design, Shortlist


According to the Alliance of Independent Authors's data, more and more people have started to spend money on book reading. Simultaneously, online reading websites provide an excellent environment for indie writers to publish their works without high expenses. "In a few short years, indie authors have irrevocably changed the industry: now accounting for 30-34% of all ebook sales in the largest English-language markets, depending on which source you read (and none of them tell the full story), and making real inroads into the audiobook market too, and into print, through print-on-demand."

Static shows "readers are changing their habits: one in four US reads ebooks while one in five readers now listens to audio" that audiobooks have become a trend and significant reading tool in the book industry.

Problem Statement

1. Indie writers need a platform to publish their books easily.
2. Some of the readers want to read books from not only professional writers but also indie writers.
3. Writers and readers need a platform to communicate with each other.

Design Method

5 Phases of UX Design Sprints: Understand; ideate; decide; prototype; test